Eye/Lip Package

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Enjoy a discount when you purchase a pack of Eye and Lip Chart pads together!

Created to be used with one another, the outline edges of the face on both the Eye and Lip Charts line up perfectly so artists are free to create separate eye and lip looks, then mix and match them on the spot!

SKU: DM5808-4


  • 2 pads, 40 sheets to each pad.
  • 1/4 the size of regular Face Charts make these ultra-portable!
  • Textured sheets for better adhesion of products; ideal for use with cosmetics.
  • Room to write in all of your products used.
  • Cardboard back and tear-away sheets with a heavyweight, protective, wrap-around cover.
  • 30% post consumer waste and FSC certified paper.

Smaller in size than the regular Face Chart, Eye and Lip Charts are ultra-portable and made using the same special textured paper as the Face Chart; durable enough for cream products but soft enough to hold powders.

Read the FAQ for more information or check out the Blog for tutorials, tips and tricks!

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