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Video: Creating Eyelashes

Watch as I show you some of the most common (and some of my own personal favorite) methods and products used for creating eyelashes on a Face Chart in the latest video from The Face Chart on YouTube. Before you watch it though, here are a few more helpful tips I’ve gathered for you to use when working with Face Charts and attempting lashes:

Combine your products. You don’t have to stick with just one method! For example: Try using liquid liner to create thick lash “roots” and then extend those into wispy points with a pencil (try different colors of liner and pencil for fun “special effect” lashes).

Get inspired by looking at false lashes. All kinds of designs and shapes can be copied and translated to your Face Chart!

Avoid ball point pens and most felt markers. They just don’t work as well. They often get clogged up with the powders or creams you’ve already laid down and tend to just make a mess of your final design.

Of course… practice, practice, practice. Experiment with all these methods to find the ones that work right for you and play around with different lash lengths (one of my favorite methods involves drawing evenly spaced longer lashes along the eye and then filling the gaps in-between those with shorter ones; less uniform usually looks more natural).

2 thoughts on “Video: Creating Eyelashes

  1. anamaria cristina tusa


    I have a ”problem” :D. What should i do first? 1. the lashes , 2. eye shadow… or 1. eye shadow, 2. lashes ? :))

    1. thefacechart Post author

      Hi! Most people do shadow first and lashes last because placing shadow over the lashes will lighten how they appear. If you want them to be subtle – or you want to map out where they will be – doing them first works too!


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