About the Face Chart

Face Charts are a wonderful addition to any makeup artist’s arsenal. Designed specifically for use with cosmetic products, the textured paper (similar to watercolor canvas) is durable enough for cream products but soft enough to hold powders.

For the PROs: Used as reference guides in runway shows and stage or film productions, Face Charts are an easy way to represent your skills to a client and give them options for a job and a terrific tool for collaborating with a client on the spot!

For the ALMOST PROs: If you’re just starting up they’re a great way to not only practice, but also showcase your abilities to potential clients before you’ve gained a lot of professional experience. You KNOW what you can do – Face Charts allow you to SHOW it… even if nobody’s asked you to do it yet!

For EVERYONE else: For the non-professional kid in most of us, Face Charts are actually like a grown up coloring book! They can be a fun and a relaxing creative outlet and an easy way to get some practice in and plan your look for a special event without having to wash your face in-between applications!