10 Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of

TEN different tips and techniques (some you might know, some you might not) for working with The Face Chart, The Eye Chart and the Lip Chart! Have you tried these? What are your favorite techniques?

Before you start, wash your hands! You want to keep the paper free of oils, otherwise you may end up with fingerprints all over the page!

When working, use small circular motions to “massage” products onto the page, they will adhere better and you’ll have more control.

Colored pencils make great eyebrows! Draw individual hairs in shades of brown, auburn or taupe and then “fill” them in with powder!

Want glossy lips? Try a top coat of clear nail lacquer! (And yes, the glittery ones work too… you’re welcome!)

Don’t be limited by a product’s “intended use.” Many artists use eyeshadow or blush to represent lipstick! After all, red lips is red lips – whether they’re made of lipstick or not!

Prime your paper to make blending easier. We like a matte white face powder all over the page if you’re going to be working with powder products. If you’re working with creams try a thin layer of any silicone-rich primer (or even an eye cream)!

Most artists like to contour the face in a flesh-tone to make the design more realistic. We recommend a matte bronzer or face powder blended into the edges of the face, remember the paper is white so even the lightest powders will show color!

Powders are easier to work with if you’re a beginner. Bonus: A pencil eraser corrects most mistakes with powders – and creates highlights!

Take a trip to the art supply store! Stiff, synthetic-bristled brushes work very well on Face Charts. Brush-tipped markers make eyeliner a breeze and an opaque, white paint pen can add fantastic highlights on the eyes and lips. Our favorite for eyelashes? An inexpensive dip pen with a fine-point nib and black india ink! Practice different techniques until you find ones you like best!

When you’re finished “set” your look with an artist fixative spray! The same kind used for pencil and charcoal drawings!

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