Blank Makeup Charts for Artists, Students and Hobbyists

The Face Chart

From beauty and bridal to fantasy and special effects looks; imagine them all and capture them on The Face Chart!

Used by professionals, students or simply for fun, Face Charts make a wonderful addition to any makeup artist’s arsenal. Developed for use with cosmetics, the special textured paper is durable enough for cream products but soft enough to hold powders.

Check the BLOG and FAQ for more details including tips and tricks! Remember to share your designs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and tag us @thefacechart! #thefacechart

The Face Chart is designed, printed and assembled in the USA. International orders welcome!


The Lip Chart

Whether nude, classic, vampy or ombre, use the Lip Chart to design a variety of looks or just keep swatches of your favorite lip colors and combos! Smaller in size than the regular Face Chart, the Lip Chart is ultra-portable and fun to use!

Eye & Lip Combo

Of course new products mean new discount packages as well. Enjoy a discount when you purchase a combo package of Eye and Lip Chart pads together!

These two products were actually created to be used with one another: The outline edges of the face on both the Eye and Lip Charts line up perfectly so artists are free to create separate eye and lip looks, then mix and match them on the spot!

Face, Lip & Eye Combo Pack

Also check out the new Face/Lip Package and the trio Face/Eye/Lip Package which is offered with a standard 20% off the regular retail price of these items sold separately.

All of these products feature the Face Chart’s special textured paper – ideal for use with cosmetics – durable enough for cream products yet soft enough to hold powders.

The Face Chart

Make sure you check out the BLOG for more tips on working with The Face Chart and don’t forget to upload your designs to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and tag us @thefacechart #thefacechart!